Here is Where Your Next Adventure Begins...
Here is Where Your Next Adventure Begins...

              DJ SOLO REMIX - Memorial Weekend Cruise



DJ Solo Remix and 1 Prestige Travel are excited to announced a fun party weekend filled with music, activities, games and prizes.  Below is a tentaive plan of what the weekend is going to look like and we are currently negotiating prices and ensure the best price for the event.  


Please review the information and register if you are interested,




No Obligation to get on our list!!


We are not accepting any deposit at this time so the registration does not require any payments but it will hold your spot as we are sure the event will be sold out due to limited space.







Friday, May 22nd to Monday, May 25th  (Friday is an Optional Day)


                    Monday is Memorial Day So No Work For Most



Come and Join us on a 2 night Getaway Party Cruise

Friday Night is Optional


On this Super Fun Adventure specially planned for you, we will have special events, activities, games, and prizes planned for your enjoyment.  


Here is what it looks like: 


Friday, May 25, 2020 - (Optional Day if you arrive on Friday)

- 12 PM Arrive and Check in Hotel

   (Hotel Group Rate will be negotiated for Group)

- 10 PM Club Party 


Saturday, May 26, 2020 - All Aboard!!!!

- 1 PM Embark on the Cruise Ship

- 2 PM Welcome Reception Open Bar

- 6 PM Dinner

- 9 PM Themed Event 


Sunday, May 27, 2020 - Island & Beach Day 

- 9 AM Port Nassau Bahama Island 

- 12 PM Beach Party 

- 4 PM Return to Ship

- 6 PM Dinner

- 9 PM TrueMed Themed Event


Monday, May 28, 2020 - It's So Hard to Say Good-Bye 

- Debarkation 

- Time to Go Home Safe Travels



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