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About Dr.  Shandale Terrell

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Meet Dr. Terrell

Dr. Shandale Terrell was raised in Eaton Park, Lakeland in Polk County, Florida. Currently, he is an Educator at Crystal Lake Middle School. His daily obligations are: educating, analyzing academic, assessment data and mentoring students.


Dr. Terrell educational credentials are the following: Bachelor of Science Degree from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University majoring in Education; a Master of Science Degree in Education Leadership from Nova Southeastern University; and a Doctoral Degree in Education with a concentration in Higher Education Leadership, a minor in Urban Education from Nova Southeastern University.


Serving the Community

Dr. Shandale Terrell has been a life-long servant to the community. From serving as an educator in the public-school system, active involvement with the Chamber of Commerce, to protecting our community as a member of the Gang Task Force Council, Dr. Terrell is truly dedicated to making a difference in the city of Lakeland, his hometown.


Polk County, Board of County Commissioners - Community Relations Advisory Council


Board Member, City of Lakeland - Citizens Advisory Council


Board Member, City of Lakeland - Gang Task Force Council


Member of the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce


Member of the Lakeland Downtown Rotary Club

Dr. Shandale Terrell's Platform

"I was born and raised in the city of Lakeland and I know the problems that face the people of our community because I've faced many of those same problems myself. Everyone in Lakeland deserves an equal chance of getting a foothold on the path to success and I intend to give them that chance.


Nobody wins if we don't all work together to make a difference in our community!"


- Dr. Shandale Terrell -

Your Candidate for State House District 40


Expand the Business Community

Political leaders and other leaders in the community must provide the youth and young adults with an expanding business community, good paying jobs and a safe place to live. I believe that State, County and City Governments need to work together to provide both a location where businesses can expand and an educated workforce that enhances their chances for success.


On Crime

As an active member of several committees in Lakeland who partner with the Lakeland Police Department, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and the Polk County School System to break the cycle of gang violence that plagues our community. It is my mission to make our community safe for families to raise their children and business to thrive.


On Healthcare & Education

What is needed is bipartisan plan to accept billions of dollars in Federal Medicaid expansion money which is the best way to subsidize quality private health coverage for those who cannot afford it.


Dr. Terrell is also passionate and dedicated to giving the youth of today opportunities to succeed instead of fail. This allows them to be productive members of our community rather than just a meaningless statistic on the nightly news. This dedication has driven me to obtain a Doctoral Degree in Education, but I didn’t stop there. I returned to Lakeland and now serve as an administrator in the Polk County School District.

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